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Use this Home Hazard Hunt to identify any potential hazards that could be dangerous during a major earthquake.

Know how & where to shut off utilities

Securely fasten or relocate heavy pictures and mirrors over beds.

Upgrade unbraced crawlspace walls (or other foundation problems)

Strap bookcases & shelves to walls to prevent tipping

Strap down televisions and other expensive or hazardous electrical components

Secure ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures

Secure ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures

Brace or replace masonry chimneys

Secure cabinets to wall studs; use latches to keep doors from opening during an earthquake

Ensure that gas appliances have flexible connections

Prevent rolling or tilting of refrigerators

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

Your basic disaster supplies kit should contain at least three days of supplies for everyone in your family. When preparing for any disaster, put your supplies in a water-tight container you can take with you if you can't stay in your home.